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"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so"
(Shakespeare, Hamlet 2,2)

Graffiti (aerosolart): Is it art or is it crime?
Some call it Artcrime!

Graffiti: Some call it art, some call it crime. Finally some people call it Artcrime! Maybe, the difference makes the location, where you find it or the intention, why they spray it!

More and more graffitis are seen inside our towns. Is this a sign, that more and more walls appear? And: what do we feel looking at all those walls around - with or without graffiti??

So, in my eyes, the decision between art and crime depends on the location, where you find it and on the intention of the graffiti writas (sprayer). The graffiti painting itself may be art and really some of them are! Graffiti may also be a provocation, an act of revenge, a sign of a territory and much more.

Most graffiti that I find are placed on walls, which may (even before) not be called nice-looking in any way ...! And, another point of view: what was the intention to build this wall, where those writas now spray their graffito on? Just think about the former political wall in Germany / Berlin, between East and West! This is only one political aspect of the graffiti phenomena.

The Egg Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Just blue

On the other hand: Some people today like to have nice graffiti on their private wall(s) and naturally, those paintings are legal. Also more and more graffiti paintings appear in in the contexts of publishings and advertisings.

The contemporary phenomenon of graffiti is a cultural one, if someone loves it or not. Behind this, I may like or even dislike that one graffito I am looking at just now, this moment. I think: really good graffiti are worth to be looked at!

Strange World Serie 5 Serie 6 Serie 7 Serie 8 Another blue

Legal or not: Most people (and also I) would surely not enjoy to find some mis-placed graffiti on a well cared-for house anywhere around. But I enjoy those of them, which are well-placed and well-done. They are the source from where I took a lot of fine art photographies. To see them, click one of the thumbnails above and enjoy Andrigamo's fine art photography

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