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Taken From ...:
the artist statement about fine art graffiti-photography

Most graffiti photography that I saw is documentary: you see a wall, a train or a place, where one or more graffiti are placed.

These photos here are different. I find an interesting graffito, which impresses me by its colors, forms or structures (maybe even the structures of the wall). In the view-finder of my camera, I compose the latter picture, which is only a part of all what can be seen. This is the moment, where photo meets graffiti and where I see the artistical action.

In other words: this is NOT a documentation about graffiti, also it is NOT a simple reproduction, but it is a very special interpretation about the graffiti found anywhere in my surroundings. They are the initial points of my inspiration! What is my artistic work within these photographies? This is, what I say:

If you find that easy, think about Christopher Columbus and his egg. So let us ask: Why didn't anybody do that before?

All originals are colour slides (traditional analogous photography). These are scanned and solely compressed and the copyright signs are added. No color manipulations nor any changes in format appear. All this are the reasons, why I call it "Taken From ...".

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