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Ludwig Diesch

Ludwig is a very experienced, professional-thinking and -working amateur photographer, who teaches his knowledge in night-school classes. From him I got a lot of basic know-how and he was my first leader to a better image composition.


Michael Gnade

Michael Gnade lives in Bensberg, near Cologne. In his seminars he spreads a complete own, for him typical atmosphere. He "provided" me with a lot of tips, which leaded me to a better and own view. He himself is an artist and photographer. His site is


Else-Pia Martinsen-Erz

Else-Pia is a painting and photographing artist. She now lives, since 2002, in Denmark, where she opened an art gallery. The years before, she lived in Brühl near Cologne, and here I got to know her. Her photographys will give you a new idea about our environment at ...



There are lots of Sites with topics about and around Photography and Art, which I would like to recommend here. You find them listed as Web-Friends. There you can also submit your own homepage, if you want ...



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Artists Village

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World Wide Art Ressources

This source of information about art and artists calls itself the largest gateway to arts information ...


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