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Future plans -
What will come up with further issues ?

The following describes some themes and subjects, which will come up (sooner or later):


Structures and abstracts

Issue 2002,01 "Taken From" was my first issue which "cutted out" images from the graffiti in the real world. But structures are also found elsewhere around, in nature as well as human construction. So, surely, there will be more work with structures, which I will take from anywhere around - the more I look, the more I find ...



I found out, that my point of view to this subject sometimes seems really crazy. I am not far interested in pictures like "Front view of XY building with early morning light coming from the left" - this is, what everybody does. What I try is to find new / not-yet-seen properties of the object and to bring them to the picture ...



May surely also come. On one hand, much depends on my capability to organize my desired voyages. On the other hand, there will be photographys from landscapes in the near surroundings ...


Working with people
(Portraits and people photography)

The portrait - one says - is an attempt of the photographer to catch the complete personality of a human being within a split second. Although several pictures seem to mirror a full life, it is obvious, which high challenge the artist is faced up to! At the same time, I grant that, specially seen within the continuance of years, the photography of a person meens much more to me then any however successful photography of a subject.

And, who does not take pleasure in seeing a well-formed human body? Since thousands of years, most human cultures expressed their respect against life in artist works.

While photographing, this succeeds, when then person, no matter if woman or man, no matter if young or old, expresses her- / himself. All this is based on confidence and mutual respect. It is the business of the photographer to find a suitable environment, the herefore best light, the right place for his camera and to suggest an appealing pose of the person in front of his camera.

If it succeeded, you can see while just looking at the resulting exposure ...


The Role we play in our life
(Masquerading, disguise and spectacles)

This subject has an association to the last one and it completes the other with a psychological component. It is one of the most interesting themes, one can imagine - not only for a photographer!

My photographic intention is here, to stress the masquerade and to disclose it. On a simple level this happens while taking a "snapshot". But also complicated theatrical arrangements are here thinkable ...


Models wanted!

For the subjects named above and for my project ideas following, I am looking for persons, who want to perform themselves in their subjective roles and who agree with the publishing of the resulting photographys. Maybe you are the cult person, I am looking for ??


Here are some of my project ideas:

Belly dancers

This is a very expressive kind of dance, which I enjoy very much ...

Theatre photography

I would like to take some pictures of any kind of public performance ...

Celebrities and "Cult Persons"

Are you any kind of celebrity? If or if not, if you like, let us do a shooting (and maybe, you become one ... ) ...

Gothic people

This kind of "masquerade", better "life style" impresses me so much and I would enjoy to take some more pictures of it ...


This is a theme, which I mostly work on alone, but if you have any idea how to cooperate, let me know ...


Please contact me!

If you have any idea, suggestion, comment or question to one of these themes above, feel free to let me know it right now. My E-Mail is: