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March, 28th 2005:
New Graffiti Photos published!

Issue 01, 2002 with Graffiti-Photography has been continued just now ...


July, 22nd, 2004:
I love Yahoo!

Really, I love Yahoo!, and, within it, it's list of the new additions ...


July, 4th, 2004:
The two things about ...

Glen Whitman's "Two things" caught my interest and made me find out some "Two things"-descriptions about the themes within this site ...


April 25th, 2004:

The band Oomph! exists several years. In the last months, they made a fantastic and steep career. On April 25th, 2004 I had the chance to shoot some photos, when they gave their concert in Cologne, Germany. I published some of them as a special here ...


February 6th, 2004:
My soul lives in Pleasantville - but in which?

Director Gary Ross created the film "Pleasantville", so far a stylistic unique artwork with - at the same time - a very profound statement ...


End of August 2003: New Photo-Series:
"Crossing the Cemeteries"

After a long intensive Worktime here finally the second edition of the journal. This time about "Crossing the Cemeteries" ...


April 2003: Walking around in Koblenz

Koblenz, located about 100 km south of Cologne is a small, but very interesting city with a long history. I photographed while walking around there and wrote an article Rundgang in Koblenz (about 100 images; text in german).


Carnival in Cologne

This is an event for the masses. This year I photographed some of them and published my pictures in an article Rosenmontagszug in Köln (nearly 60 images and some small text in german).


March 2003: Start of the war in Irak

On Saturday, March 22th 2003, I photographed on the "Domplatte" (the surrounding of the Cologne cathedrale) some pictures while a demonstration against war at Cologne (in german language).